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Working with the right trainer definitely makes a difference. For most individuals, that can mean the difference between sticking with your fitness program or quitting in frustration (yet again), between maximizing your time investment and wasting your time and money. 

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Anna has been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years. In addition to being a Personal Fitness Coach, Anna is a certified triathlon coach and also teaches Schwinn indoor cycling and group TRX classes. Anna has been with the Silver Mountain family since 2005 and is the Director of Personal Fitness Coaching.

Phone: (561) 716-6650
Email: Anna@nemeckay.com

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Deacon is a strength and conditioning coach and has spent the last 15 years building unbreakable athletes. His clients have included Olympians, professional mountain and BMX bikers, motor cross competitors, adaptive athletes, SWAT team members, and Special Operations Soldiers. Deacon holds coaching certifications from Joe DeFranco, Eric Cressey, and Charles Poliquin, who are among the world’s most respected strength coaches. Deacon is both a certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSDS) and a Tactical Strength and Conditioning (TSAC) professional. Deacon is committed to helping you reach your goals to adventure further and harder for a lifetime.

Phone: (435) 300-0780 Email: deacon@sisustrong.com





“In a 20 year career in the fitness industry, I have developed the talent to find the very core strength in people, and access it in a firm and positive manner for maximum success. As a result, I have coached fitness enthusiasts, athletes, physique competitors, housewives and over-the-hill husbands who have one last shot at a healthy lifestyle - driving them all with the same passion, intensity and a never-quit attitude that they quickly appreciate and respect.” Kimba provides both tailored nutrition and training programs.

Phone: (801) 787-8330

Email: kimbafit@gmail.com

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Amanda has a BS in Exercise and Sports Sciences from the University of Utah and 2 NASM certifications. She specializes in posture correction and back/neck relief through myofascial release and core training techniques. Her passion is helping people achieve healthy lifestyle goals through training and nutrition. 

Phone: (801) 550-2043
Email: Coach@amandacomstock.com

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With over 20 years of experience in modeling and fitness from South Africa to Los Angeles, Tracie has spent her career in the spotlight. Tracie’s world travels and modeling background landed her fitness and yoga editorials for Shape, Self and Glamour magazines. After studying yoga comprehensively around the globe she then settled to Miami Beach to launch her innovative approach to Power Yoga called AEROGA MOVEMENT. Tracie is inspired by music, movement and energy along with all the elements of a beautiful natural setting.

Phone: ( 786 ) 423-7590 Email: tracie@v-artofwellness.com

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Kevin has a BS in Sport Management/Fitness & Wellness from the California University of Pennsylvania. He is a certified professional fitness trainer through ACSM, ACE and NASM. Kevin specializes in lean muscle mass, core strength, weight loss and balance through cutting edge workouts. 

Phone: (435) 729-0797
Email: Krail@RestoreYourFitness.com

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Bre completed her bachelor's degree in Kinesiology at the University of Utah. She specializes in Olympic and weight lifting. Bre has gained a passion for health and fitness through her journey of losing over 100 lbs. She is excited to help others reach their goals through programs using strength training, cardio, and nutrition tailored to your needs.

Phone: (801) 867-0461
Email: breann.jardine@gmail.com




Christopher has over 15 years of exploring a vast variety of training methods from athletic performance, strength conditioning to power yoga, bio-mechanics and exercise physiology. Christopher is an innovator in the natural outdoor fitness arena. He has redefined the approach to the health & fitness field with his innovative natural training philosophies, and is a passionate motivator and creative who shares from his heart and personal experience. Christopher is inspired by the nourishment of the outdoors along with all the elements of a beautiful natural setting.

Phone: (786) 566-8007 Email: chris@V-artofwellness.com