Swim Lessons

Join us for Park City's best aquatics program! Our program promotes a fun and safe environment. We offer both private & group lessons. To register, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page. 

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Swim Lessons at SMSC

Our swim program is geared to each individual’s swimming ability. Students progress throughout the program by completing specified skills at each level of instruction. The program is designed to help students enjoy swimming as a lifetime activity. Members and non-members are welcome in our aquatics programs.


  • Small class sizes
  • Multiple levels to accommodate all ages and abilities
  • Multiple times, days, and sessions
  • Classes take place in Park City's best backyard!
  • Group and Private lessons available


Our Swim Levels

Parent-Child:  Provides experiences and activities for children to learn water safety, feel comfortable in the water, and explore submerging the mouth, nose, eyes and body completely beneath the surface of the water. 

 Preschool Beginner:  for children ages 3-5 with little to no swimming experience or who are fearful of the water. Students will learn water adjustment skills including blowing bubbles, putting face in, kicks, back floats and more.

 Preschool Intermediate:  for children ages 3-5 who have some swimming experience and feel comfortable swimming short distances independently. Students will refine swimming techniques as well as improve endurance. Introduction to new strokes and treading water.

Beginner:  for children ages 6 and up with little swimming experience or who are fearful of the water and want to become confident and independent swimmers. Students will learn water adjustment skills including holding their breath, glides, kicks, arm pulls, and back floats.

 Intermediate:  for children ages 6 and up who have experience in the water but want to build endurance and improve stroke form. Children will practice freestyle, elementary backstroke, backstroke, and diving.

 Advanced:  for children ages 8 and up who know how to swim but want to improve their technique and learn new strokes. Students will be introduced to breaststroke and butterfly and work on diving. Children are expected to be able to swim 75+ feet independently.



Group Swim Lessons
$65 for 8 half hour Lessons

Private Swim Lessons
Includes 2 Half Hour Lessons
1 Person - $55
2 Person - $45 per person
3 Person - $35 per person

1 Person - $70
2 Person - $60 per person
3 Person - $50 per person


If you have any comments or questions
Please contact Kathryn at:

435.649.6670 Ext 107 or

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