Silver Mountain Sports Club Class Descriptions

Specialty Training fee based classes are designated with an asterisk*.  All other classes are FREE for members and paid guests.

Apres Ski Yoga: After a day hitting the mountain, you are guaranteed to ache – particularly if you’ve not been skiing or snowboarding a lot. Yoga is a great way to soothe & stretch out those tight hamstrings and core muscles. So, roll out your yoga mat and give it a go.

Aqua Aerobics: Take your workout to the water! Train for both strength and aerobic conditioning while sparing your joints from any impact.

Barre Blast: Class is a fusion of Ballet barre, Yoga and Pilates.  The focus is on core strengthening and shaping your legs with hardcore booty work.  Lightweights and other props are used for firming arms and shoulders. All levels welcome.

Basic Yoga For Healthy Alignment: This class emphasizes the use of a specific series of basic hatha yoga poses and breathing exercises designed to create a healthy body alignment.

Body Blast: Fusing together techniques that combine the awareness of yoga, the intensity of boot camp and the precision of Pilates to create long, lean muscles and increase flexibility. A variety of props, lightweights and your own body weight will be used.

Butts & GutsWant a defined behind?  Try this 40 minute bake-those-buns-till-you’re-done, intense lower body workout.  Add this with a 10 minute core workout and finish it off with a 10 minute stretch. Now an additional 15 minutes of arms!!

Buns & Guns: 75 minutes dedicated to working your lower body and upper body at the same time.  Sculpt and tone your entire body while challenging your balance and kicking up a sweat.

Circuit Training: This class is lead by a Personal Fitness Coach in the weight room for an hour of strength training, education, and a full body workout. 

Core & More: Pilates influenced core work with new exercises each week. A variety of balls, bands and other equipment are used to enhance your experience and improve your results. Class caters to student’s needs.

Cycle & Core: This is a 75minute class that combines a 45-minute indoor cycling class and a 30-minute sculpting class! This class is perfect for the time crunched athlete or for the beginner who wants to start a cardio and strength program. All levels welcome!

Feldenkrais Moving Pain Free: The Feldenkrais Method is a simple effortless movement class that will free you from pain while increasing your range of motion bringing you to a level of awareness where you LEARN how to let go of excess effort and discover your body’s freedom to move.

F.I.T. (Functionally Integrated Training): A comprehensive program for all fitness levels designed to improve your health and wellness, which incorporates muscle targeting, exercises with heart healthy cardio challenges. Improve your BMI, sculpt your muscles and get F.I.T.

Got Barre?: The most intense barre class around! This high energy barefoot workout will elongate, strengthen, and sculpt your entire body. This choreographed class incorporates ballet, butt-burning exercises, and weight lifting. Choreography changes every 6-9 weeks. 

Indoor Cycling:  Ride with an instructor who will coach you through of one of the best aerobic workouts available.  Classes are designed for the cyclist that wants to burn calories with motivating music to help you pedal, pedal, pedal! Burn around 600 calories a class.

Jamaican Burn: The spiciest flavor filled cultural dance workout (Jamaican) with a fiery blend of exotic moves. You will work through choreograph moves that will burn out your lower body as well as upper.

Melt into Pilates: This class utilizes the MELT method and pilates and uses small/soft foam rollers to re-hydrate your connective tissues and re-balance your nervous system.

OASIS (Older Adults Staying In Shape): This one-hour class done in a safe, friendly and fun environment. This class will emphasize balance, coordination and strength. Whether or not you have a current workout routine or are new to the gym this is a class you must try!

Painfree Posture: A series of stretches and gentle exercises designed specifically to strengthen specific muscles and bring back proper body alignment and function.

Pilates Mat:  This class will increase flexibility and strengthen the body’s core to create a uniformly developed and flexible body.  The class is based on the work of Joseph Pilates. Taught by a certified Pilate’s instructor.

Pilates Yoga Fusion: Pilates Yoga Fusion is a great workout that incorporates both yoga & pilates that involves a Pilates Ring. Including this prop into your workout provides gentle to moderate resistance and can also give the body feedback about its position in space and about which muscles are the focus of the exercise.

Power Pilates: Power Pilates will work all major muscle groups while moving from your core to create strength and flexibility. 

Power Pump:  This high paced class is a full body workout using lighter weights but high reps. You can expect 5 minutes per muscle group with focus on biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, quads, abs, glutes, and hamstrings.

Power Tone:  Strength conditioning class designed to work all major muscle groups.  This class uses body bars, dumbbells, dynabands, medicine balls, resist-a-balls, and/or steps.  Strength training is an essential part of a balanced workout programYou will leave class knowing you worked every muscle. Suitable for all levels.

Power Vinyasa: Develop strength, flexibility and relaxation through a series of dynamic strong flows and conditioning exercises, with particular focus on core work, arm balances, inversions, breath work and meditation.

Ride & Roll:  An hour heart rate based spin class followed by a 15min foam rolling session.

Rise and Shine Yoga: A class designed to awaken the body, harness energy, deepen awareness and inspire happiness.  Start your day off right by stepping into your power and connecting to your breath.  A practice for all levels aimed to energize, inspire and ignite. 

Spin - Yoga: All levels are welcome. Start with a spin class that is one of the best aerobic workouts available. Burn some calories, raise your heart rate and prime your muscles for yoga. Finish with a very well rounded yoga class that will leave you feeling great!

Strength/Sports Conditioning: A progressive class with core training based on the balance and strength needed for outdoor sports. All levels of fitness welcomed.

Transformational Yoga: A kundalini inspired yoga class. This class is suitable for all levels and includes breathing, yoga postures, and meditation. This yoga is for strengthening your immune system, releasing anxiety, and finding your inner peace. 

TRX*: TRX is a suspension training system that will make your body your ultimate machine! This is a fee based group class suitable for all levels of fitness.

Vinyasa Yoga: Vinyasa explores the stages of asana and helps develop and expand range of motion. The focus is on linking breath to movement, concentrating on floating, arm balances, inversions, and core cultivation within challenging sequences. Linking traditional yoga poses together with gentle transitions to leave you energized and massaged.  Level II is suitable for those with an ongoing Yoga practice.

Yoga I : All levels welcome. Yoga I is a well-rounded class that includes Vinyasa, standing poses, balance and stretching. 

Yoga II : For Advanced Yogis with a solid knowledge and practice in Yoga.  Perfect for those looking to deepen and challenge their practice.  Yoga II is a faster pace class that includes Vinyasa flow, arm balance, inversions and backbends.

Yoga Basics:  This class is for everyone who would enjoy a gentle, slow-paced, thoughtful and thorough yoga class, to help release stress while you increase flexibility and strength.  If you are new to the practice of Yoga or it’s been awhile, Yoga Basics is the place to start.

Yoga Core FlowA fluid form of yoga based upon toning the abdominal wall and strengthening your inner core resulting in better posture, flexibility and self-confidence.    Level II is suitable for those with an ongoing Yoga practice.

Yoga Sculpt (Heated): Tone and sculpt your whole body with this Yoga based workout. Using light hand weights like in a toning class you move through a series of yoga poses. If you love Yoga but are looking for more or if you want to tone but need to add Yoga to your workout regimen this class is for you! Class is done in a warm (Not Hot) room, be sure to bring a water bottle and towel.